Why Should You Choose an Aluminium Ladder?

The debate around ladders has been ongoing for quite along. Some find the wooden ladders perfect for their work, while some opt for the steel ones and some go with the aluminum ones. It’s not to say that any section of the people is invariably wrong as it mostly depended on the needs and the requirements to find the best one. However, aluminum ladders take the top plaudits in many ways. Here’s why you should always choose an aluminum ladder. Read along.

Why Should You Choose an Aluminium Ladder?

Features of Aluminum Ladder

  • Lightweight: Aluminum ladders for home are pretty lightweight. This is down to the metallic property that gives them the lightness albeit without compromising on the quality. Their lightweight nature makes them a good pick for plenty of choices when compared to the ones like timer-made wooden ladders or other ones. You won’t have to go through a laborious task when having to move an aluminum ladder from one place to another like the wood and steel ones.
  • Portable and Easy to Use: Aluminum ladders being lightweight makes them a great portable choice to use. They are easy to carry around and use and it’s a reason why aluminum ladders are mostly used by repairmen who need to be on the move all the time. This has been one of the major reasons why people and workmen are shifting towards aluminum ladders.
  • Economical: Aluminum has had quite a bit of history when it comes to pricing. They started as one of the major elements costing even higher than the gold in the 19th century to become one of the most easily available elements. Aluminum has been used in multiple home buildings and other works and they are easily source-able. This makes aluminum ladders economical when compared to other steel and wooden ladders.
  • Maintenance Free: Steel products are known to go rusty and have to bear corrosion over time. Similarly, wooden ladders get under the cushion of the weather and moisture and may decay and get damaged over time. With aluminum ladders, you have an easy pass. Store it wherever you want and however you want, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Not only is it rustproof and corrosion proof but also protected against weather changes and humidity.

Some additional traits of Aluminum Ladder

If we were to only list the features, it wouldn’t do any justice to aluminum ladders at all. There are a ton of other additional traits that make aluminum ladders a good pick apart from their hardline features. Here’s a brief of some of those:

  • Doesn’t burn: This may seem like a normal trait but if you are someone who is into the firefighting department or work in areas where fires are common then you may have noticed that aluminum ladders are the ones that are primarily used. They don’t burn like the wood ones nor do they become hot like the steel ones under the heat. This property makes them a great choice in hostile environments and rescue missions.
  • High tensile strength: Aluminum though is lightweight, possesses high tensile strength similar to that of structural steel. Even the alloy forms of aluminum hold quite a high tensile strength and are lighter than iron and copper too. This gives them an upperhand when it comes to providing higher strength along with lightweight nature.
  • Easy to recycle: If you are an environment-friendly person and are looking for something that will help you in your work without compromising on nature, then aluminum ladders should be your pick. They are easily recyclable and don’t harm the environment. Almost all of the aluminum in the world is recycled and your ladder may also come from recycled material. You don’t have to be concerned about the strength of the material as they are recycled and then cold rolled to make sure they are in a perfect state.
  • Non-toxic: A ladder comes with multiple parts that need to be aligned and joined. As for joining processes like soldering, wielding or riveting and even brazing are used. These processes tend to release fumes and harmful gases if used on steel, iron, copper, and other materials. However, aluminum is non-toxic,and using any kind of joining method doesn’t cause any harm to the environment or anything.

Wrapping Up

Using aluminum ladders gives a wide variety of leverage and functionality to the users. They have a superior weight-to-strength ratio and also have a lightweight nature at their side. That along with factors like portable, economical, maintenance-free, and more makes them a good pick for people looking for ladders.

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