Step Ladder Vs Extension Ladder: Which is Better?

We need a ladder at home for the various tasks. In the earlier days, you used to find just two types of ladders. The step ladders and the straight ladders. With time and with new requirements, a lot of new designs came into the market. Now, we received many queries from our readers who wanted to know if they should buy a step ladder or an extension ladder. This is an interesting question, and we are sure that many of you would struggle to find the right ladder for your home. In this article, we have listed some of the differentiating factors that can help you understand which ladder is better. Go ahead and check out the details now.

Differentiating Points between Step Ladder & Extension Ladder

Step Ladder & Extension Ladder

Below are some of the differentiating points between the step ladder and the extension ladder. You can check out the points, and you can compare the options. You need to map your requirements with the points below, and you will find the answer to the question. Let us move along and go through these differences.

Height & Reachability

The first thing that we will talk about is the height & reachability associated with the ladders. The height of the step ladder and the extension ladder can be the same, but the extension ladder scores a brownie point over the step ladder. You can extend the height of the extension ladder, and hence it offers you better reachability whereas, it is not possible to extend the height of the step ladder since those are based on the fixed frame structure.


If you ask us about the portability associated with the ladders, then both stand at the same place. The step ladders and the extension ladders would need specific space to be stored properly. If you are buying a telescopic ladder instead of the extension ladder, then that is a whole different point. The telescopic ladders are very portable, and they are still very similar to the extension ladder. However, there isn’t much to compare with the portability associated with the step ladder and the extension ladder.

Weight of Ladder

In terms of weight, the step ladders are usually lighter than the extension ladders. The advantage that the step ladders have is that they are made of aluminium, lifting them easily. The problem with the extension ladder is that they have a whole mechanism to extend and lock the ladder. In such a case, the weight of the extension ladder is usually a little more than the step ladder.

Self-Standing Capabilities

When you are doing the interior work, you want a ladder that can stand by itself. What we mean is that the A structure ladders are more useful for interior work. This may not be true when you are working on the exterior. In such a case, you need to consider what you need. Some extension ladders do come with self-standing capabilities, but they may have a higher cost associated with them. In general, we find the self-standing ladders to be safer than the extension ladders.

Utility Factor

In terms of utility factors, it depends on what you are trying to do. The Step Ladders has an A-frame structure, and as mentioned in the previous point, they can stand by themselves. In such a case, the step ladders are mainly for indoor projects or when you need to work on the ceiling. At the same time, the extension ladders are designed for outdoor usage. If you need to climb the roof or if you need to climb a vertical structure, then you should get an extension ladder. An example of this is window cleaning. An extension ladder would be more helpful in cleaning the windows when compared with the step ladder.


The next point is the durability associated with the ladders. In general, both the ladders are durable, and they can outlast you. The step ladder has a pretty simple mechanism, and it requires no maintenance. In case of an issue, you can even repair the step ladder yourself. With the extension ladder, you need to be careful about the mechanism. You would need to ensure that there are no issues with the mechanism and it works fine. The repair of the mechanism can be complex.


The last point here is the price. The step ladder is a lot more affordable than the extension ladders of the same height. The incremental cost can be because of the retracting mechanism and the material used. We do not want you to consider the price of the ladders, but instead, we want you to purchase something that offers you with required utility.

Final Verdict

After going through these points, we are sure that you can establish a difference between the step ladder and the extension ladders. We are sure you would have understood what type of ladder makes more sense to you. Depending on that, you can explore similar products in the market, and we are sure that you will find many best-selling step ladders and many best-selling extension ladders in the market. Drop a comment if you still have confusion, and we will try to guide you. Follow our website

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