Telescopic Ladder in India

10 Best Telescopic Ladders in India 2022 – Expert Analysis, Guide & FAQs

To carry out the maintenance work at home, you would need a ladder. These maintenance tasks include a lot of things. The usual things that we need the ladder for are cleaning the fan, replacing the bulbs, replacing lights, painting the walls, and other similar activities. Traditionally, we all have had long ladders, but as the size of the family increases, the space at home decreases. Now, in such a case, you would not have enough space ever to keep those bulky ladders. The telescopic ladder gives the solution to the problem because of its compactness and other advantages.

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Corvids Aluminium Telescopic Ladder Lukia Telescopic Folding Aluminium Ladder EQUAL Aluminium Telescopic Ladder
Corvids 2.0m (6.5 ft) Portable & Compact Aluminium Telescopic Ladder Lukia 10-Steps (9.5 ft) Aluminium Safety Lock Folding Telescopic Ladder EQUAL 6 ft Portable and Extension Aluminium Telescopic Ladder
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These telescopic ladders are a type of collapsible ladders that can be stored and carried easily. If you are in a profession that requires you to use the ladder at the client-side, then we are sure that you would also come across situations where the clients may not have the ladder. You can also solve this problem by buying a good quality telescoping ladder. You don’t have to worry about the weight of the telescopic ladder since these ladders are made of aluminium, and they are easy to carry alone on a bike also. The telescopic ladder surely helps you make the job easy.

The good thing is that the telescopic ladders are used residentially as well as commercially. They are not expensive, and they are very reliable. In this case, you can choose among the dozens of options available in the market. We understand that some of you may find it confusing to choose the correct telescopic ladders because of the variations available. In such a case, you can go ahead and check out the list of the top 10 best telescopic ladders available in India. We have shared the review of all the top-selling options in the section below.

Telescopic Ladder in India

Best Buy Telescopic Ladders Online In India

Below are the top 10 telescopic ladders in India that you can purchase. We have shared a short review that can help you make a purchase decision. Apart from this, you can also check out the pros and cons of each of those products, as that should be the deciding factor while purchasing the telescopic ladders. If you are short of time, you can only review the pros and cons along with the high-level specifications to choose the telescopic ladders according to your need.

1. EQUAL 6 ft Portable and Extension Aluminium Telescopic Ladder

EQUAL 6 ft Portable and Extension Aluminium Telescopic Ladder

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If you are looking for a portable telescopic ladder, then this is the perfect option for you. This telescopic ladder is one of the most affordable options in the market, and it has a total height of 6 feet. After you collapse the telescopic ladder, it has a height of only 65 cm, making it very easy to carry and store. The total weight of the ladder is 6.3 kg, and it has a load capacity of 150 kg. Apart from this, only high quality aluminium is used in the production of this telescopic ladder.

The ladder comes equipped with multiple features. These features include an anti-slip top cap, comfortable grip handles and self-locking mechanisms. Apart from this, the telescopic ladder also has a strengthening footboard that offers stability. The bottom of the telescopic ladder is covered with an anti-slip bottom cap. The locking pins never slip, and there is one at every step. You can engage individual locking pins to adjust the height of the ladder.

This telescopic ladder is also EN131 certified so that you can be assured of safe working conditions. Even when the floor is slippery, the anti-slip feet of the telescopic ladder will take care of the stability of the ladder. You can choose the size of this ladder according to your needs since the brand sells multiple size options.


  • The brand offers one year warranty on this telescopic ladder.
  • There are multiple size options available. The shortest one available is 6 feet, and the longest one available is 22 feet.
  • It is one of the most affordable offerings available on the list.


  • Some people may not like the individual latching system that comes with this telescopic ladder. 

2. Corvids Portable Aluminium Telescopic Ladder

Corvids 2.0m (6.5 ft) Portable & Compact Aluminium Telescopic Ladder

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The second option available on our list is from Corvid. This telescopic ladder has a length of 6.5 feet when it is fully expanded. You also have an option to choose 8.5 feet, 9.5 feet, 10.5 feet, 14.5 feet, 16.5 feet and 18 feet telescopic ladder. In terms of quality & safety, this ladder has EN131 certification. The weight-bearing capacity of the ladder is 150 Kg, which is usually enough for you for most of the tasks. If you are getting the telescopic ladder with 6.5 feet height, the ladder would have seven steps.

Talking about the features, the ladder has anti-slip top caps along with anti-slip bottom caps. The ladder also comes with a strengthened footboard to bear a high level of loads. One beneficial feature of this telescopic ladder is the base handle that can help you carry the ladder without any help. The ladder has a self-locking mechanism that ensures that the ladder is locked correctly while you are using it. The ladder is made of aerospace engineered aluminium allow that is lightweight and it is also very sturdy. While using the ladder, it doesn’t wobble, and the credit goes to the design of the ladder.

One another feature that we loved about this ladder is the stability associated with the telescopic ladder. It is so stable that you would not have to worry about movements during the work. Lastly, this telescopic ladder is excellent for interior and exterior usage.


  • You get a two-year warranty from Corvids when you are buying this ladder.
  • The ladder has storage pockets, anti-slip caps and a carrying base handle.
  • The ladder can handle a weight of 150 Kg, and multiple size options are also available.


  • The anti-pinch feature is missing in the ladder, which is a big miss.

3. Lukia Aluminium Safety Lock Folding Telescopic Ladder

Lukia 10-Steps (9.5 ft) Aluminium Safety Lock Folding Telescopic Ladder

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Lukia telescopic ladder is also an affordable option that is available in the Indian market. The ladder has a height of 9.5 feet, and it is made from aluminium alloy. The alloy used is lightweight yet sturdy. Another property of this material is that it would not rust even when exposed to the weather. You also have options of 10.5 feet, 12.5 feet and 16.5 feet in this ladder. Many users find this telescopic ladder for use in libraries, schools, homes and even offices. You can use it for personal purposes, or you can use it for commercial applications.

The total load capacity of this telescopic ladder is 150 Kg, and this is usually enough for working under normal circumstances. The width of each step is 48.4 cm, which gives you enough space to stand comfortably on the telescopic ladder. Since the ladder is very compact, you can fit it in the cupboard when it is not used. The brand also provides one year warranty in case of any manufacturing defect, so your purchase is covered from the usual quality issues you may face after buying a telescopic ladder from other brands.

The ladder also has a handle that helps you in lifting it with one hand. The strap on the ladder can secure the steps during transportation. The brand has also integrated grips on the handle, and you get anti-slip boots at the bottom of the ladder.


  • The ladder has multiple size options, and it is also very compact.
  • The weight capacity of the ladder is 150 Kg, and the ladder comes with one year warranty.
  • The ladder has anti-slip boots at the bottom.


  • Some users complained about the quality of this telescopic ladder.

4. Smarty Aluminium Alloy Advanced Telescopic Ladder

Smarty Aluminium Alloy Advanced Telescopic Ladder

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Next on the list is a telescopic ladder from Smarty. The brand is committed to providing high-quality products to consumers, and it has succeeded in the same. The telescopic ladder from this brand will meet your expectations if you are seeking high quality products. The total length of this telescopic ladder is 14 feet which translates to 4.1 meters. The ladder has a push-lock mechanism. In this, you need to push the locks inside from both sides to retract the ladder. The rungs of the ladder have a texture, and this gives them a slip-resistant finish.

Apart from this, the ladder has a slide latch that helps you in retracting the ladder. There is also a securing strap coupled with a grip handle to enable easy transportation of the ladder. The coupling of steps with the ladder is very durable, and it doesn’t wear out with time. The ladder’s feet also have a bottom cap that improves friction and makes the ladder resistant to slip.

Overall, the ladder is full of features, and it proves to be very useful. One thing that might interest you is that the weight of the ladder is 13 Kg. The added sturdiness and material contribute to this weight, so you need to make a small trade-off for a quality product.


  • The ladder has a height of 14 feet, and you can expand each step independently.
  • The anti-slip feet don’t wear out, and the joints between the steps and the ladder are sturdy.
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty that protects you from manufacturing defects.


  • The ladder is slightly heavy as the total weight is 13 Kg.

5. Inditradition Aluminium Telescoping Folding Step Ladder

Inditradition 16.5 Feet Aluminium Telescoping Folding Step Ladder

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At number 5, we have an offering from Inditradition Store. This telescopic ladder has a total height of 16.5 feet, and it is best for Indian homes for many reasons. You would have noticed that most row houses in India have a ceiling height of 10 to 12 feet. In such a case, the telescopic ladder with a height of 16.5 feet is usually enough. You can even mount this ladder to your terrace, and you can use it to climb up. The ladder is easy to collapse, and it retracts to just 25% of the maximum length.

Safety is the number one concern of the brand, and this is why the ladder is manufactured as per EN131 standards. The steps of this telescopic ladder are in increment of 1.5 feet, so it is convenient to climb, and you can adjust the height according to your need. It is even possible to transport this ladder in the back of your hatchback or sedan. The strap on the telescopic ladder can hold the steps together during transportation. There are a total of 13 steps on this ladder.

The other features of the telescopic ladder include the safety system, safety catch and securing strap. There is also a grip handle that makes it easy to carry the ladder with just one hand. The feet of this telescopic ladder has non-slip rubber mats to ensure a proper grip on the floor.


  • The ladder is very sturdy, and it comes at a competitive price.
  • Since the height of the ceiling in a traditional Indian home is usually high, this long ladder helps you in doing all types of jobs.
  • The safety catch of the telescopic ladder is very responsive, and it averts any accident.


  • Some users complained about a mild wobble while climbing up.

 6. Euro Ladder Systems Pro Telescopic Ladder

Euro Ladder Systems Pro Telescopic Ladder 5.6 Meter

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If you are looking for a telescopic ladder loaded with features, check it out once. The total height of this ladder is 18.6 feet, but it contracts to 3.6 feet during storage. The ladder comes with 360-degree hooks that can be attached to the top of the telescopic ladder, and it acts as a stabilizer. You can remove the hook when you are mounting the ladder against a straight wall with. The brand has its main focus on safety, which is why many features have been integrated here.

During the manufacturing, the brand uses anti-flex technology that ensures stability. The ladder doesn’t bend even with a high load. The aluminium used in manufacturing is sandblasted, and as per the brand, it is ten times stronger than the usual material. The bottom of the telescopic ladder has glide wheels along with anti-slip feet. You also get stabilizer bars in this telescopic ladder that adds stability for you. All the material used in this ladder is highly engineered to give you the best possible finish.

The ladder’s weight capacity is 150 feet, and the aluminium used ensures 95% less flexing of the ladder. You also get a visual locking feature that indicates if the steps are correctly locked or not. Apart from these features, you get many attachments that can be removed or attached according to your needs.


  • You get a standard one year warranty on this product.
  • There are a lot of features integrated. This includes a 360-degree hook kit, anti-skid feet, stabilizer bars, wheel kit and fixing screws.
  • The rungs and rivets of this ladder are machined to get 100% precision.


  • It is one of the most expensive offerings in the market.

7. Plantex Telescopic Ladder

Plantex Telescopic LadderAluminium Extension Portable Foldable Ladder

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Moving on, the next telescopic ladder on the list is from Plantex Store. This ladder has a standard length of 8.5 feet which translates to 2.6 meters. The ladder is designed for commercial users as well as home users. There is no compromise on the quality, and with a capacity of 150 Kg, it is easy to use the ladder for almost anything. This ladder from Pantex Telescopic is also designed to meet the EN 131 standards. The aluminium used during the manufacturing process is an alloy that is also used in the aviation industry.

You would not face any issues with rusting of the ladder, and the ladder is also highly stable. The weight of the ladder is 6.3 Kg, so lifting it would not be a problem for a single user. A lot of customers use this telescopic ladder for home improvement DIY projects too. The ladder has grip handles so that you can climb the ladder comfortably. Apart from this, the anti-slip top makes contact with the surface, and it doesn’t slip. These anti-slip caps work well even with the tilled surface. The same caps are present at the bottom of the telescopic ladder.

The brand has given additional attention to the footboard, and additional support has been added to strengthen the footboard. The mechanism used in this telescopic ladder has a self-locking feature. Once you retract the ladder, the height comes down to 74 cm, so it becomes easy to carry.


  • The material used in this telescopic ladder is eco-friendly, and it also meets EN131 standards.
  • The telescopic ladder comes with stabilizer bars, and you also get a finger protection feature so that you do not jam your fingers.
  • This telescopic ladder is very compact, and you can store it easily.


  • There is no information about the warranty policy associated with this telescopic ladder.

 8. Prime 3.2M Wall-Reclining Telescopic Aluminium Ladder

Prime 3.2M Wall-Reclining Telescopic Aluminium Ladder

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At number 8, we have a telescopic ladder from Prime Store. This is an aluminium ladder with a maximum height of 10.5 feet. You also have an option to choose the 12.5 feet telescopic ladder from the brand. This ladder is made of aluminium, and it comes with anti-slip PVC shoes and height locking latches. You can use the latches individually with each step. If you compact this ladder, it will just be 2.6 feet tall, and it will be very easy to store it. Since each rung can be adjusted individually, you can get the desired height while using it.

Operating this telescopic ladder is also very easy. When you pull a section up, you will hear a clicking noise, and this would mean that the lock has been engaged. You can later unlock the telescopic ladder step by step. This telescopic ladder also has a carry handle and a safety strap to carry and transport the ladder.

The weight capacity of the ladder is 150 Kg. Overall, the ladder is delivered to you in a well-packaged manner, and it is strong enough to help you with all the tasks.


  • The ladder is easy to move around & carry when you need to do so.
  • The anti-slip PVC shoes help you in getting more friction between the ladder and the ground.
  • Many customers suggested that this is a value for money product.


  • There are no smaller options available in this brand.

 9. GOBBLER Portable Ultra-Stable Aluminium Telescopic Ladder

GOBBLER 2.9m (9.5 ft) Portable Ultra-Stable Aluminium Telescopic Ladder

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If you are trying to find a long telescopic ladder at an affordable price, Gobbler’s offering should help you meet your needs. The ladder has a maximum height of 9.5 feet when it is fully extended. After folding the ladder, it retracts to just 30.1 inches. You also have an option to buy 12.5 feet and 14.5 feet options in this product. All three of them are very affordable when you compare them with their peer. The ladder is also EN131 certified so that you can be assured about the quality and the usage of this telescopic ladder.

The material used is an aluminium alloy that is not only sturdy but it is also resistant to rust. You can leave the telescopic ladder out, and it will not rust. When you are unlocking the ladder, you would need to do it section by section. This way, you can expand the telescopic ladder to the required height. The lock pins in this telescopic ladder are intelligent enough to hold the steps in place and prevent them from sliding.Each run has a double coupling that you do not end up jamming your hand in the ladder.

Apart from this, the ladder comes with study safety locks, a dedicated safety lock slot, a fixed belt and a non-slip foot cover. The non-slip foot covers on the telescopic ladder is always a welcoming addition. The pedals are also reinforced, and they have a ridge to improve the friction between the ladder and your feet. This offering is perfect for people who are looking for long telescopic ladders for themselves.


  • This ladder is available at a very competitive price, and it is also EN131 certified.
  • The ladder comes with safety lock slots, a foot cover, a fixed belt and a reinforced belt.
  • There are ten steps in this telescopic


  • There is no warranty policy information available for this product. 

10. MAVOTANK Aluminium Folding Telescopic Step Ladder

MAVOTANK® 7-Steps Aluminium Folding Step Ladder Portable and Compact Telescopic Ladder

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We have reached the end of our list, and the last option we have is from Mavotank. The ladder is available in a 2-meter design, and it is also designed with aerospace-grade aluminium alloy. The ladder has a lot of integrated features. For example, you can store the ladder easily after you bind it with the storage strap. Apart from this, the ladder also has a sturdy base handle that can help you lift the ladder without help from any co-worker. The width of this telescopic ladder is reasonable enough to let you work.

Apart from this, the ladder has anti-slip grips on the top and the bottom. It makes good contact with the floor and the surface that you are mounting it on. In terms of the load capacity, the ladder can take up 150 Kg of the load without any issues. In total, there are seven steps in the ladder, so the distance between the two steps isn’t a lot. The locking mechanism is designed in a way that you do not retract the ladder in error. You would need to push the locking pins inside to fold the telescopic ladder.

We mentioned earlier that the ladder has anti-slip boots on the top & the bottom. Another advantage of these boots is that they don’t leave a mark on the floor or the walls. This product is excellent for household chores, and it works as intended even for professional users.


  • The ladder has a unique locking mechanism that avoids any unintended retractions.
  • The ladder comes with anti-skid PVC shoes, which also protects the floor.
  • The ladder is lightweight, portable & affordable.


  • There are no options available in size available.

How To Choose The Best Telescopic Ladder in India

We understand that telescopic ladders useful for someone might not prove to be as useful for you. Everyone has their customized requirement, and you should analyze your requirements and unstated needs before purchasing any products. To help you with your purchase, we have listed the factors that can impact your purchase. Go through the points below, and it will help you in shortlisting the telescopic ladders for yourself.

→ 1. Ladder’s Height

Begin by choosing the height of the ladder. There are different options available in these telescopic ladders. You will find telescopic ladders with a height of 4 feet, and you will also come across products that are 12 feet tall. You need to understand your requirements and choose the product accordingly. If you often need to reach the ceilings and high places, you should opt for 10 feet telescopic ladders, whereas; you can restrict the height to 6 feet if you are looking for telescopic ladders that can help you with basic maintenance jobs.

2. Load Capacity

The next point to consider is the load capacity. Here, you need to account for the work of the worked. In addition to this, you would also need to account for the weight of the tools or equipment you would carry. Every ladder has a specific load capacity, and some of the manufacturers also provide an ANSI rating. You can find telescopic ladders with a load capacity of over 350 pounds, and those can offer high versatility. Usually, 150 Kg capacity is enough for regular use.

3. Ladder Step Width

You should also look at the width of the step of the telescopic ladders. The width not only helps you in working comfortably but also impacts the stability of the ladder. The step should be wide enough to let you step comfortably, and the distance between the rungs should also be wide. In the usual cases, you can find telescopic ladderswith a width of 1.5 to 2 feet. This is the bare minimum width that you should opt for.

4. Build Material

The material used in the manufacturing process plays a critical role in overall design and durability. In the most usual cases, the telescopic ladders are designed with aluminium. They are lightweight yet very sturdy. Ensure that the plastic and rubber parts are of good quality and if you are buying a steel ladder, be prepared to carry a heavy ladder. It is always better to check that all the contact points on the ladder are well insulated so that you stay protected from the electric shock.

5. Portability

The main reason behind buying the telescopic ladder is the portability associated with that. The ladder should be easy to carry around, and it should be easy to store as well. You can check the overall dimensions of the telescopic ladder after it has been folded. This will give you an idea about the struggle associated with the storage and transportation of the ladder. In most cases, you can easily carry the telescopic ladder in your car or your pick-up truck.

6. Retraction Mechanism

The primary feature of the telescopic ladder is that it can be collapsed when it is not in use. There is a mechanism that helps you lock the ladder in place or help you retract the ladder for storage. You need to check this mechanism, and you need to ensure that this retraction mechanism is sturdy enough to deal with the wear & tear due to regular usage. The best telescopic ladder is the ones that come with a single button to retract the ladder. It helps you in instantly folding the ladder easily.

7. Anti-Pinch Feature

Sometimes, you may retract the ladder, and your hand or any other body part may be between the ladder’s steps. In such a case, you can get seriously injured. To mitigate this risk, the brands came up with the telescopic ladder that featured an anti-pinch system. This is similar to the anti-pinch feature in your car windows. If your hand is between the steps of the ladder and if you still end up retracting the ladder, your finger or any other body part would not jam between the metal plates.

8. Rubber Boot/Anti-Slip

We mentioned earlier that the metal used in the construction of the telescopic ladder might not offer you insulation from the electric current. In such a case, it is advisable to opt for the telescopic ladder that comes with a rubber boot. There are two advantages of having a rubber boot. The first advantage is that it will insulate the ladder and prevent electric shocks. The second advantage is that it will add anti-slip properties to the ladder so that you can work even on wet surfaces.

9. Wheel Kit

Some ladders come with a wheel kit. These wheel kits make it easy for you to move around the ladder. You do not have to remove the wheels because they can be disengaged when climbing the ladder. These wheel kits can prove to be very handy if you often move your ladder from one place to another. They also ensure that you would not have to lift the telescopic ladder every time you need to move the ladder.

10. Ladder Stabilizers

Some telescopic ladder comes with an integrated ladder stabilizer. If you often work alone, you can buy a telescopic ladder with an integrated ladder stabilizer. If you cannot find a reliable option, you can also buy an after-market ladder stabilizer that you can attach to your telescopic ladder.

11. Cost of Ladder

The minimum price that you would have to pay for a telescopic ladder is around Rs 3,500, and the maximum can go up to Rs 20,000. A lot depends on the features & quality of the ladder. You can choose the ladder according to the price and the features available to you.

Telescopic Ladder Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions answer you want to know:

  1. Do telescopic ladders fail?

Modern telescopic ladders are very sturdy and made of lightweight materials. But not all telescopic ladders work the same way; some have different ways of locking and opening. You need to be familiar with all essential features to prevent accidents. Otherwise, a single damaged part can lead to the ladder collapsing.

  1. Do telescopic ladders have to be fully extended?

A telescopic ladder can be operated at any height between their extended position and their fully collapsed position. Due to individual locking mechanisms features, they enable you to use them at any height.

  1. How do you secure a telescopic ladder?

You keep the telescopic ladder that should be 50% larger than the regular one and angled perfectly in mind. Before using, familiarize yourself and analyze the safety traits of the ladder and read all safety instructions.

  1. What angle should a ladder be?

There are various ladder angle rules, out of which the first easy to remember is the 4-to-1 rule. This principle is about the angle you use when applying a ladder to the job. Keep the base of your ladder one foot far from the wall in case of four feet height of climbing.

 Final Verdict

These were all the details about the telescopic ladders available in India. Most of the options available in India are at par with international standards. They offer you safety and the reliability that you need to carry out the job with high precision. Apart from this, we have compiled some of the points that you need to consider while purchasing the telescopic ladders. We highly recommend you check out these points so that you can opt for something that meets your needs. There are also many incredible deals available on e-commerce websites for telescopic ladders, and you can browse through them before you make a purchase.

After you have purchased the telescopic ladders, you should also carry out essential maintenance and safety check for your ladder. This would be a good practice because it will help you in ensuring safe work conditions. You can also add some accessories for the ladder-like the stabilizers, and they will give you more confidence while you are working. If you have any other questions about the telescopic ladders, please reach out to us, and we will certainly help you with your queries.

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