Small Ladders in India

10 Best Step Ladders In India 2022 (For Kitchen, Home, Office Use)

A ladder comes in handy in almost every task that requires you to reach for objects at height. From kitchen to office, a ladder is required to approach hard to reach places. You can use a ladder to swap light bulbs at home, to access vertically distanced shelves in the kitchen, and so on.

Even though you don’t need a ladder on daily basis, having a ladder can add convenience to daily life. Usually, people prefer using a small table or chair to eradicate such issues. Some people prefer having a small step at home for the same job. Choosing an adequate product in such cases can make so much difference in the quality of work.

The common solution for almost every Indian home and shops is to buy a small 2-3 step ladder. These ladders are specially designed for regular use and are made of lightweight material. You can step on these small ladder to access essentials in the kitchen, change the light bulb, etc. You might have seen steps ladders in India in a variety of stores.

Small Ladders in India

Best Buy Step Ladders Online In India

The purchase of a small 2-3 steps ladder might seem easier, but a lack of knowledge regarding the essential aspect can make the purchase trickier. To eradicate this problem, we curated a list of the top 10 best selling steps ladders for home use in India. Let’s get started by exploring the top options available in India –

1. Happer Premium Foldable Step Ladder

Happer Premium Foldable Step Ladder

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A foldable ladder is always the perfect solution to the key requirements due to its easy to store functionality. Happer Premium Foldable Step Ladder happens to be the best option available in the market for so many reasons. The wide steps and optimal height between steps is an excellent feature for daily use.

The smart platform functionality makes this ladder extend during the requirements. You can easily open the ladder and step on it. The material used in manufacturing is an alloy and it is coated with a corrosion-resistant layer of primer to ensure that you get a longer life out of this product.

The shoes are anti-skid which ensure that the ladder doesn’t skid while standing on it. There are three steps in this ladder and it allows you to move freely. The height difference between steps is optimal. This ladder can add up 27.1 inches to the height for excellent use.

Pros –

  • The product is well-designed with superior quality material.
  • The ladder is lightweight yet sturdy enough to carry plenty of weight.
  • Anti-corrosion coating ensures better durability.

Cons –

  • No cons were reported.

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2. Parasnath Prime Black Milano Heavy Folding Ladder

Parasnath Prime Black Milano Heavy Folding Ladder

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If you want to go for a slightly affordable option with better sturdiness, then the purchase of Parasnath Prime Black Milano Heavy Folding Ladder will be a great option. This is a two-step ladder and it is designed for home, kitchen and office use.

In the same model, you can find options with a higher number of steps so that you can reach objects at vertical height. You can choose between the 2 steps 6 steps option. Even, there is a standard size also available to fulfil all the basic requirements with ease.

The dimensions of this ladder are 20 x 19 x 32 inches and it is perfect in every single manner. The ladder is coated with corrosion-resistant paint to prevent ageing and providing a durable product for almost every single need.

Pros –

  • The design is simple and easy to use.
  • Sturdy base with anti-skid shoes.
  • Built to last years.
  • Comes with 25 years of warranty

Cons –

  • Few complaints regarding the weight.

3. Happer Premium Foldable Step Ladder

Happer Premium Foldable Step Ladder

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In the same design as our top pick, the mid-tier variant with two steps might feel overwhelming to buyers. The purchase of the Happer Premium Foldable Step Ladder is going to be easy due to its lightweight design and easy to use functionality.

The build quality is sturdy and provides you with the option to fold the ladder at the same time. You can fold this ladder and store it in a tight space without any problem, which makes it perfect for home, office and kitchen uses.

The manufacturer is offering 25 years of warranty from the date of purchase to ensure a safe purchase. The durability is undoubtedly the best thing so far and choosing Happer Premium Foldable Step Ladder will be easy for most buyers considering all the quirky features.

Pros –

  • Impressive build quality with great design.
  • Lightweight body for adequate portability.
  • Easy to use with rubber shoes for anti-skid and scratch purposes.
  • Comes with 25 years of warranty from the date of purchase.

Cons –

  • Pricing is slightly less competitive and it seems expensive.

4. Bathla Advance Carbon Portable Ladder

Bathla Advance Carbon Portable Ladder

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No doubt that going for a premium looking ladder might cost you extra, but if you look after a product with the much-wanted functionality, then Bathla Advance Carbon portable ladder will offer you the best deal. This portable ladder is available for an affordable price point with all the main features.

There are three steps in this ladder, which offer you the ability to get a maximum height of 40 inches from the ground. You can use this ladder in all seasons without worrying about the corrosion issue. The used alloy in manufacturing provides excellent durability for sure.

There are additional features like an anti-skid design with a perfect weight balance to ensure a sturdy base. The rubber shoes at the base ensure that the ladder never skids or scratch the floor. The manufacturer is offering five years of warranty on this product to ensure the perfect deal.

Pros –

  • The build quality is top-notch.
  • Get a maximum height of 50 inches
  • Anti-skid shoes ensure safer use.

Cons –

  • Five years of warranty seems way lower than other manufacturer’s claims.

5. Hailo Mini Step Ladder

Hailo Mini Step Ladder

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A mini-step ladder is perfect when you want to add a little to height for common places like a kitchen or a bathroom. Using a mini-step ladder seems adequate due to its compact size and lightweight design factor.

The selection of Hailo Mini Step Ladder will be an optimal choice for most buyers due to its compact size format. You can easily store this ladder under the cabinet or in the storeroom. It is also lightweight so that you can carry it in godowns and storage rooms.

The base has anti-skid shoes to prevent any falls. The surface is also skid-proof as there is rubberized material to offer you a better grip while standing on it. The only feature that misses in this product is a knee guard.

Pros –

  • Perfect for kitchen, home and office use.
  • Easy to store design due to the lighter weight.
  • Affordable for the functionality.
  • It comes with 25 years of warranty.

Cons –

  • It could have a knee cap for better safety purposes.

6. Ciplaplast Folding Ladder With Wide Steps

Ciplaplast Folding Ladder With Wide Steps

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Wide steps in ladders are always better when you want to carry heavier weight and don’t want to deal with issues related to slipping or imbalance. In such cases, the purchase of a Ciplaplast Folding Ladder With Wide Steps will be a perfect choice.

If you are looking for a premium quality folding ladder, then it will be the perfect option considering the easy to fold option. This ladder folds into a compact size so that you can slide into tight spaces like next to a refrigerator or in the storeroom.

Another thing that you will love about a wide step ladder is sturdiness. This ladder has a sturdy base due to t the perfect balance of weight at the lower part. So, this ladder is going to stay stable when you are using it to pick heavyweight objects.

Pros –

  • The base is heavy to ensure better sturdiness.
  • The ladder is easy to move around due to its compact and lightweight design.
  • The manufacturer is offering seven years of warranty.

Cons –

  • The overall functionality is great except for the weight.

7. BRANCO GEC-L3M Milano


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Choosing a less known brand might be tough, but if you look at the features, the BRANCO GEC-L3M Milano ladder seems a prominent option. This portable ladder is available for an affordable price point and it packs a range of features.

The very first thing you will like about the BRANCO GEC-L3M Milano ladder is its build quality. There are three steps, which offers you a maximum height of 50 inches from the ground.

The base of this ladder is sturdy and it has anti-skid shoes to prevent slipping. Even, the same anti-skid shoes come in handy to prevent any type of scratches. For home or commercial use, this ladder will offer you perfect usability in all cases.

Pros –

  • Excellent for home, office and commercial uses.
  • The base is sturdy due to equal weight distribution on all legs.
  • The height offered by the ladder is enough for the common uses.
  • The price of this ladder is affordable and seems impressive for all the features.

Cons –

  • There is no warranty offered by the manufacturer.

8. FLIPZON Premium Ladder

FLIPZON Premium Ladder

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Flipzon is one of the popular brands offering affordable products. A flipzon premium ladder is a convenient option and perfect for every use. It is an ideal option for both small and large homes. This product is light in weight and enough for commercial use as well. It gives you proper support, safety and balance while climbing.

Most ladders are used in godowns, libraries and warehouses. The flipzon premium ladder comes with a cushioned top arch that allows a better grip for safety and fort comfort. It has automatic safety locks, rubber protective paddings feature, stabilizer bars, smooth and multi-position operating hinges that ensure performing risk-free tasks.

Further, it comes with a plastic top with an anti-skid design which ensures better protection and grip to your knee. This ladder is specially designed for regular use. Their wide area offers a good space for supporting and resting the feel while climbing. Thus, it helps you easily and safely reaches wherever you want. It is a perfect combination of rubber boot; powder-coated steel pipes and polypropylene copolymer steps.


  • This ladder has high quality.
  • It is very useful in reaching storage on normal shelves.
  • It is useful for elderly people to step up, for household activities.


  • It is a little heavy.

9. Magna Folding Ladder

Magna Folding Ladder

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In this list, the next product is Magna Folding Ladder which is made in India. It is private Ltd., an Indian Manufacturing Company offering a wide range of products. All products come with a maximum 1-year warranty. Magna folding ladder is made from using high tensile precision tubes along with powder-coated.

This ladder is perfect for households, shops (small or large both), warehouses and offices. Magna Folding Ladder comes with special features namely corrosion-resistant designs which ensure additional support and safety. Further, it features the folding option which means you can open it according to your convenience.

Also, it has a smooth and easy folding hinge which is quite good for saving storage space. Having a folder ladder for the house is very beneficial. One of the major benefits of this ladder is that it comes with a plastic top along with an anti-skid advantage. This product has offered automatic safety locks, stabilizer bars, rubber protective padding etc. which ensure safety during operation.


  • It is made with an anti-skid design and high safety material for better safety.
  • You can fold it easily when not in use.
  • This product is light in weight.


  • Slightly less sturdy when used for heavyweights.

10. GRAZIA Folding Ladder

GRAZIA Folding Ladder

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Having Grazia ladder is one of best products comes with high-quality material. It comes with two wide steps useful for regular home and library use. This quality is small in size but it is the plus factor of this product.

Just with a small size, you can restore it with ease without having any space issues. Further, it is a folding ladder, which means whenever you want you can open it. After finishing work, you can place it in their dedicated space.

It can handle a minimum 150 KG weight at once. The flat surface of Grazia is phenomenal that ensures proper safety and comfort. Moreover, it allows a proper grip and support to your feet. Every age can use this product. It also has wide steps that ensure better stepping while climbing. It ensures reliability and comfort. Thus, the product comes with a 7-year warranty.


  • The product is best for household use.
  • It has built with high-quality material.
  • You can place it on any side according to your convenience.
  • It takes less space.


  • Not found.

How To Choose The Best Steps Ladders in India?

A small 2-3 steps ladder has no fancy features and it is all about functionality mainly. However, you can consider a few parameters during the purchase time to evaluate the quality of a small ladder. Here are some of the key features you should be looking at –

⇒ 1. Material

During the purchase time, the material should be the primary focus point among all buyers. There are three common materials widely preferred with portable ladders. Alloys are perfect for almost every purpose due to their higher strength, sturdiness, lightweight design and excellent portability. On the other hand, wooden steps and steel are also the preferences for their sturdiness. The only issue is with weight. So, you can consider the type of need and weight holding capacity to figure out the perfect material.

2. Anti-Skid Shoe

Even though you choose to go with an alloy made 2-3 steps ladder or a steel made option, always ensure that the ladder must have anti-skid shoes for safety. These ladders don’t skid and reduce the chances of falling on slippery surfaces. The second quality of the anti-skid shoe is no harm to the floor. If the bottom of the 2-3 steps ladder is of metal, it might scratch and skid at the same time.

3. Knee Guard

A knee guard is an important feature when you are using a portable ladder. There is round fencing, in the end, to prevent the user from falling. The knee guard also helps you know the maximum capacity to bent forward. As your knee touches the knee guard, you can feel that the weight is perfectly balanced. If you go further the limit, the portable ladder might fall and it is also risky. So, you should always consider buying a product that has a knee guard for safety purposes.

4. Portability

The ladder you are buying for kitchen, office and home use must have a lightweight design. You can ensure a lightweight ladder by checking its overall weight and ability to fold. These ladders are going to provide you with an easy to store functionality and you can carry it anywhere without any problem. In simple words, portability is one of the crucial features that you must consider during the purchase time.

5. Ladder Height

The ladder must have an optimal height difference to allow you to access objects at a height. If the ladder has a gap of 10 inches per step, then it is optimal and you can expect an overall height of 30 inches to the third step. Overall usability enhances and you can consider the ladder functionality in almost every case. Make sure that you must check the number of steps offered in the ladder.

6. Corrosion Resistant Coating

Manufacturers mix different metals to produce sturdy alloys for the 2-3 steps ladder, but you can find that alloy also deals with corrosion issues. So, manufacturers install a coating of corrosion-resistant paint to prevent durability issues. You can look for products with oxidation-resistant coats to figure out a quality option.

7. Manufacturer

Several manufacturers are offering two three-step ladders and choosing the right one is all about considering the reputation. An old and experienced manufacturer with wide exposure seems a credible option in almost every case. You can look after the required features to ensure that you are going for the purchase of best in class product. From our list, you of best small 2-3 steps ladder, you can learn about many popular names and their popularity reasons.

8. Warranty

A good quality 2-3 steps ladder will come with a long term warranty. You can find that we have listed many products which come with at least 25 years of warranty. Some of the manufacturers are offering 10 years of warranty in the affordable price category. Well, a 2-3 steps ladder doesn’t have any electrical and moving parts. So, choosing such a product with a long warranty and excellent after-sale services are always better to prefer over the product with no warranty.

9. Feedback

Learning about a product’s review helps with the acknowledgement of key features, functionality and flaws. The same goes with small 2-3 steps ladders. When you are shortlisting the best in class options available in the market, you can opt for nit-picking and eliminate options with a negative review. This method will help you land on the list of top-class options and avoiding the purchase of the wrong product.

10. Budget

Finalizing the budget is essential before your quest for the best small 2-3 steps ladder in the market. At the price point of 2,500 Indian rupees, you can find a wide number of options and you can choose the right one based on your needs. It will be a better choice to finalize the budget before getting started with this journey.


The journey of finding a reliable 2-3 steps ladder is trickier. You can find that a portable ladder comes in handy for a wide range of tasks in every home and choosing the right one should be your top priority. The possible solution to find the best product is to choose a well-known name to avoid any problem during the purchase time. We hope that our list of top-class 2-3 steps ladder will make things easier while finalizing the perfect option for your specific need.

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